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Stash Management – Part 4

This is the step that made all that hard work worthwhile!

You’ve set some goals, you’ve sorted through your stash, you’ve kept the fabric and projects you love, and you’ve blessed others with the supplies you no longer want.

Stash Management Part 4 www.coleandtaffy.com

You should now be able to go into your sewing area and

  • Feel peaceful and happy that what you’ve kept is what you love and know you’ll use/make/finish.
  • Know where everything is and why you have it
  • Have projects (patterns and supplies) organized and ready to be worked on
  • Know what you have so you don’t buy duplicates
  • Have your sewjo back and be ready to jump in and make things that will bring you or someone else joy!

You might need to set some rules going forward. To stay away from places that tempt you to buy more fabric – especially online stores and destash pages, would be a good starting place. You may also decide to only buy more fabric once you’ve finished a project – it could be your reward!

Remember, it’s only a bargain if you use it!  It just needs some time and organization, and you can have a sewing area that brings you peace. Where you can find your projects your working on, and have the space and freedom to plan new projects.

Well, that brings us to the end of the Stash Management series. I hope it has been a help to you. If you would like some help and encouragement to organize your stash, please contact me at the contact form which you can find if you click on the Sew Sorted button at the top of this page, then the About button underneath.

Till next time,