My Path to Patchwork

I’ve not done much patchwork before – a hand pieced and quilted log cabin pot holder, and a 9-patch pin cushion a few years ago.



But I’ve always loved fabric (I’ve been sewing since I was a teenager). The touch of it! The colours! Buying it and planning what to make with it!


Twenty years ago I bought a quilt kit at a craft show, and somewhere in my home it sits, in  a bag, all cut, half sewn :( In the darkest gloomiest colours you’ve ever seen!


I always thought that making quilts was too expensive a hobby – and then I discovered mini quilts! So now I’m obsessed with patchwork and quilting! And I even have plans for a single bed sized quilt for no. 1 son (he wants black and white). I will slowly buy the fabric I need for it over the next few months, and sew it up over the Christmas holidays. That way, it won’t seem like I’m spending heaps on fabric – spread it out, that’s the way!


I decided in No Spend May to make a plus mini quilt. It looked easy, I didn’t need a pattern, and had plenty of fabric in my stash (from 30 years of sewing!)


I chose some of my favourite fabrics – some I had used to make dresses for my daughter and me, and one was from a pretty pillowcase I made. I even had some Liberty scraps I could use ♥ There was an overriding floral them :-)


So I cut and I sewed, and I googled, and I sewed, and I basted it, and googled some more, then machine quilted it, and then sewed on the binding.


It’s my first ever, properly made, patchwork project, and I quite love it! It is, hopefully, the first of many mini quilts to be hung on the lounge room wall (which is from now on to be known as my mini wall!)


Till next time,


PS. Apologies for the six week gap in posting – Instagram is becoming a little addictive!!

Busy Making

I’ve been busy making lots of pretty things the last couple of weeks – so I thought I’d show you what’s been keeping me away from my blog!These are some easy crochet granny squares I am going to make into a lovely snuggly rug (hopefully before the end of winter!)

Rainbow-cardsI used some rainbow washi tapes to make these adorable cards (the little stickers are from kikki k).


This is a tiny notecard (2×3″) with its own matching envelope.

Plus-quiltI’ve been so inspired by all the quilts I’ve seen on Instagram that I decided to make a mini plus quilt, just using some of my stash (it’s No Spend May in the Hickson household!) I will hopefully get this one finished in the next few weeks.

Wedding-cardAnd finally, a card for a wedding we are attending this weekend. I love using kraft cards – they look so great with almost any colour paper!

Till next time,



Project Life Weeks 15 & 16

As life gets busier, it’s not as easy to be keeping up-to-date with my Project Life album. However, I take heart in that I am only a couple of weeks behind!

Here is week 15:


Week-15-page-2Love the prettiness of these cards by KaiserCraft called “Happy Days”.

Here is week 16:


Week-16-page-2The kit used here is Kraft – except for that grey chevron card (can’t remember where I downloaded that from :-( )

I decided to use some word art to cover faces for privacy reasons this week – nice for a change!

How are you keeping up with your Project Life 2014 album?

Till next time,





Knitting-needle-cse3My friends know I’m crafty (see last post).

So when a friend asked me to make her a knitting needle case for her mum for Mother’s Day, I said, “Sure!” But I wasn’t sure how to do it – would I crochet one or sew one up?

I have some lovely coloured yarn, so decided to crochet one in a pretty plum colour. Alas, after crocheting for some time and getting near the end, I decided I didn’t like it. So, off to Pinterest to get some inspiration for a fabric knitting needle case. (What did we ever do before Pinterest??)

After looking at a few tutorials and taking a close look at an old (ugly) brown one I bought off eBay a couple of years ago, for the large selection of needles it held, I had a plan!

I found some pretty green floral fabric for the outside, a pretty paler green polka dot for the inside and pretty yellow gingham ribbon to tie it up. (Notice that “pretty” is my theme!)


Here is a picture of me trying to sew the pocket lines very straight:

Sewing-straight-linesIt probably took just under a couple of hours from go to whoa – and it turned out so lovely! I was really pleased with it! This is it open with some knitting needles in it (note the flap at the top to stop the needles falling out – very clever of me, I thought!)

Knitting-needle-cseAnd here it is rolled up and tied with a pretty bow:


And all finished in time to be mailed to New Zealand for Mother’s Day! I hope she likes it! And thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration!

Till next time,








My Hobbies

I dabble in a number of different hobbies.

I like to crochet,

aspen-and-lemon-bunting1and embroider,

Olive-green-and-blue1 and make things with paper,

Snail-mail5 Black-white-kraft-cards-lot2and scrapbook,


and make bunting,

Pompom2 and sew,

Sewingand cook.


And just lately, thanks to Instagram, I am now playing with my Filofax,


and sending pretty mail to my new penpals!


I love all my different hobbies ♥ I just have trouble finding the time to do them!

What hobbies do you have?

Till next time,



Project Life Weeks 13 & 14

Wow! Where does the time go? Completely forgot to post my week 13 Project Life pages, so you get two weeks for the price of one! Bargain!

Here is page 1 of week 13:

Week-13-page-1And page 2 of week 13:

Week-13-page-2This second page is a We R Memory Keepers pocket page and so has these odd-sized pockets down the side. But that’s OK – I had plenty of photos to fill them with! And aren’t these Strawberry edition PL cards so pretty ♥

Then there’s week 14 – page 1:

Week-14-page-1Again with the weird-sized pockets down the side! And now for page 2:

Week-14-page-2The last couple of weeks I find I’ve been taking more photos of my Cole and Taffy crafting than of what we’ve been doing as a family. Must find a balance!

Till next time,


Colour That Makes My Heart Sing!

Isn’t it amazing how a colour or combination of colours can make you smile and lift your spirits immediately?

PinkThis is a photo I took for a #rainbowflashmob on Instagram. It was so lovely putting lots of pink things together – it really made my heart sing!

Here are some more colourful images from around the web to “make your heart sing!”

Pretty apron from Sweet Eye Candy Creations

Pretty aprons from Sweet Eye Candy Creations

Such pretty china at

Such pretty china (theBerry) 

Lovely ripple blanket from Lucy at Attic24

Beautiful patchwork by Helen Philipps

Sweet pink and navy fabric from A Little Sweetness 

These colours almost take my breath away – such a pretty book cover from Pretty by Hand

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy! Follow me on Pinterest for more pretty things!

Till next time,


Craft Corner Redo

Craft-cornerIt was time for a clean-up of my craft corner – look how messy my desk had become! Crafty stuff everywhere – I was getting stressed every time I looked at it or tried to find anything!

So I cleared everything off my desk and the bookshelves and started from scratch. I have a desk, and two bookcases which I use like hutches. All of these were thrifted from the side of the road in our local council pick-up (which my husband loves to do!)


I packed away all my finished items for my Etsy store, and put all my crafty supplies onto the white bookcase. As you can see, we really like Bonne Maman jam at our house – they make the cutest button jars!

Craft-corner1On this shelf I have covered various glass jars with washi tape, floral fabric and crocheted covers. The plastic tubs on the right used to house strawberries, but now they have been prettied-up with washie tape and labels and hold various bits and pieces.

Craft-corner3Those two brown letter holders on the left of my desk were garage sale finds, and hold my sticky notes and stickers for decorating my Cath Kidston diary. However, you can just see my old (1980′s) Filofax poking into the bottom of the photo. I intend to make a pretty cover for it and resurrect it to use for planning my life, as my diary is just too small now!

Anyhoo, now I feel crafty every time I look at my desk! What will I make next?

Till next time,





Project Life Week 12

Just plodding away this week getting my Project Life pages finished. Here is page 1:Week-12-page-1

By the way, that dog isn’t dead, she’s just asleep!

And this is page 2:

Week-12-page-2I didn’t use my usual PL kits this week. A couple of weeks ago my sister bought me the prettiest set of journal cards by KaiserCraft called “Happy Days”. So, I decided to use some of these – they are sooo pretty, don’t you think?

Till next time,